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Insurance Claims Attorneys in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, California, and Puerto Rico

At The Morgan Law Group P.A., our insurance claims attorneys in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, California, and Puerto Rico provide policyholders with the legal skill and experience they need to pursue results from global insurance companies after filing a necessary injury, damage, or another claim on their home, business, or property.

We believe all policyholders deserve respect, and for their claims to be reviewed with accuracy and precision, not countered using long-established insurance company tactics that diminish their value and overall return.

That is why we have expanded our operations into five U.S. states and territories and continue to grow in areas we are needed most. We protect the rights of policyholders using over 40 years of combined experience, so together we can pursue real results for real people who need us.

The Morgan Law Group, P.A. Offices Are Everywhere Our Clients Need Us

At The Morgan Law Group, P.A., we are a full-service litigation firm that specializes in insurance claims for businesses and homeowners, so they never have to feel intimidated by their insurance company or its stringent claims processes.

Our insurance claims lawyers know that policyholders across all U.S. states and territories can be subjected to home, business, and property damage without notice. When the worst happens, they rely on their insurance company to provide solutions that make them whole again.

Unfortunately, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the most recent aggregated data from state insurance departments reported most complaints — just over 50% of all complaints last year — involved how an insurer handled policyholders’ claims with unsatisfactory settlements or offers, delayed claims, and denied claims.

While the insurance industry is highly regulated, and each state and territory has its own set of statutes and rules stemming from the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945, regulation and taxation of the industry were designed to be in “the public interest.”

Our skilled insurance claims attorneys work tirelessly to ensure that is true — even when the insurance company defaults on the cornerstone of their industry’s directives.

The Morgan Law Group, P.A. insurance claims lawyers provide clear solutions for policyholders in the following practice areas:

We understand that our clients expect their insurance companies to respond quickly and fairly when they file a claim and are often confounded by the responses they receive.

You do not have to accept your insurance company’s response as the final word.

If you are met with an undervalued response or resistance from your insurance company in any capacity, contact our leading insurance claims attorneys in your state to schedule a free consultation today.



The Morgan Law Group, P.A. Provides Real-Time Insurance Claim Solutions

At The Morgan Law Group, P.A., our insurance claims lawyers begin our quest for policyholder justice by providing free consultations to home, business, and property owners in states and territories where we are licensed.

We provide end-to-end negotiation and litigation solutions for policyholders from the start of their claim or once they are met with delay obstacles through undervalued responses and denials.

Our dedicated team of insurance claims lawyers and support staff work on a contingency basis, which means if we do not win your claim, you do not pay our legal fees. It is that simple. Contact our Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, California, and Puerto Rico insurance claims attorneys today to learn how we can pursue real results for your complete damages.

Insurance Policyholder Advocates Who Protect and Enforce Our Clients’ Legal Rights and Recovery Options

The Morgan Law Group, P.A. our insurance claims lawyers provide comprehensive legal representation through a culmination of teamwork.

Each of our skilled insurance claims lawyers brings decades of experience that purposefully provides immediate stress relief to policyholders, which translates to long-term results. We proactively outline each client’s recovery needs based on their current challenges by creating customized legal solutions on a case-by-case basis.

We understand insurance policyholders believe their years of loyalty — and timely premium payments — should increase their chances of securing a positive outcome for their home, business, or property damage claim. Unfortunately, they are often confronted by the reality that their financial interests and those of the insurance company do not align. Our clients expect a fair and accurate payout. The insurance company wants to minimize its exposure. That means conflict.

Whether your insurance claim case can be handled by our attorneys from the beginning, or if you have already been denied recovery, each of our aggressive and powerful lawyers brings an added dimension of legal knowledge to our fight against the insurance companies. And we fight to win.

Our skilled insurance claims negotiators and litigators will evaluate your case during a free consultation, so you understand your legal rights and options based on your policy’s coverage and the laws and regulations applicable to your property’s location.

Contact our experienced insurance claims attorneys in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, California, and Puerto Rico at The Morgan Law Group, P.A., by calling 888-904-2524 or online to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you pursue the outcome you deserve from your insurance policy without further delay.

Frequently Asked Questions for Our Insurance Claims Attorneys

Should I Hire a Public Adjuster to Evaluate My Property Damage?

At The Morgan Law Group, P.A., our insurance claims lawyers believe all policyholders should receive an unbiased and thorough evaluation of their property damage.

That is why we have public adjusters on staff who can provide a neutral, third-party review of your damages to ensure you are submitting a proper financial figure to the insurance company for recovery.

Can I Use My Family, Estate, or Business Lawyer to Negotiate My Insurance Claim?

When it comes to applicable legal matters, family, estate, or business attorneys provide sound advice and expertise in their areas of practice.

However, your insurance company will generally have an experienced team of attorneys on staff who will assess their exposure based on the strength of your legal representation.

When it comes time to file a claim against your insurance company, you will also want someone who has the skill and knowledge necessary to effectively protect your rights as a policyholder. At The Morgan Law Group, P.A., our dedicated insurance claims attorneys have over four decades of experience producing results for home, business, and property owners just like you.

How Much Does It Cost to Partner With an Insurance Claims Attorney?

Our leading insurance claims attorneys take all cases on a contingency basis, no matter which state we represent our clients in. That means our clients never pay for our skill, experience, and resources unless or until we win their claim. There are no upfront costs to partner with our law firm, and all legal fees will be explained in full in our attorney-client agreement, so there are no surprises when the case closes.

Will I Have to Take My Insurance Claim Dispute to Trial?

Insurance companies regularly deny, delay, and deflect legitimate claims by property owners throughout the country, instead of providing the timely and accurate responses they should. Once there is a dispute, many cases become too complicated for policyholders to handle on their own.

This is when they should partner with a skilled team of insurance claims attorneys.

While most insurance claim disputes can be settled through mediation or arbitration negotiations, our dedicated attorneys prepare each case we handle as if it were going to trial, so the insurance company knows they have a worthy opponent who is ready to fight for their clients’ rights — inside or outside the courtroom.

Where Can I Find the Local Resources for Home, Business, and Property Owners Insurance Statutes and Regulations?

Currently, The Morgan Law Group, P.A. represents insurance claims clients in the following states and territories:

If you live outside a state or territory where we have offices, the NAIC provides a resource to search state insurance departments by state.


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We Handle Insurance Claims!

In the event of filing an insurance claim, insurance companies will send out an adjustor to review the damage and estimate the costs of repair. However, these adjustors are working on behalf of insurance companies who want to get away with paying as little as they possibly can--in which case you will need a public adjustor who will be unbiased in his or her evaluation. Our attorneys at The Morgan Law Group will accurately defend your claims and make sure you and your finances are taken care of by your insurance company, as you deserve. If your insurance adjuster is blatantly undervaluing your claim and you are in need of a public adjuster to advocate for you, call us today!

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