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Florida Zantac Attorneys

Florida Zantac Attorneys Working For You

By morganlawgroup |

Ranitidine products, including those sold under the brand name Zantac, were introduced to the public in 1981. By 1987, it was the best-selling prescription drug in the world. On April 1, 2020, all over the counter and prescription ranitidine drugs containing N-Nitrosodimethylamine, or NDMA, were completely pulled from the market by the U.S. Food… Read More »

COVID-19 Business Losses Are Costing Our Clients Their Livelihoods

Ongoing COVID-19 Business Losses Are Costing Our Clients Their Livelihoods

By morganlawgroup |

With nearly 230,000 positive COVID-19 cases reported in the State of Florida to date, and increases being reported in the thousands each day, it is hard to determine the far-reaching effects this virus has — and will continue to have — on our residents and their businesses as we continue to our fight to… Read More »

Difference B/W Weather Outlooks, Advisories, Watches & Warnings In FL

Know the Difference: Weather Outlooks, Advisories, Watches & Warnings In Florida

By morganlawgroup |

The Atlantic hurricane season was ushered in with flooding rains and tornadoes that brought significant damage to Central Florida (link to June blog one of two). As Florida prepares for an above-average hurricane season, According to our experienced Florida insurance claims attorneys it is important to understand the terminology used by the National Weather… Read More »

First Weekend of Atlantic Hurricane Season Brings Severe Damage to FL

First Weekend of Atlantic Hurricane Season Brings Severe Damage to Central Florida

By morganlawgroup |

The Atlantic hurricane season began on June 1, 2020, and the first official weekend brought strong winds, downpours, and even tornadoes to Central Florida, causing nearly $1 million in damage and leaving more than 40 people displaced. At the Morgan Law Group, our hurricane insurance claims attorneys understand that the start of the dangerous… Read More »


The Importance of Adding COVID-19 Into Florida’s 2020 Hurricane Preparations

By morganlawgroup |

With an above-average hurricane season forecasted for 2020, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Florida officials are planning for the challenges that will arise from combining the COVID-19 pandemic and standard operating procedures for hurricane evacuations, sheltering plans, and safety precautions. Prepare Your Home & Family for Possibly Sheltering In Place This Hurricane Season… Read More »


Tropical Storm Begins to Form as the Start of Atlantic Hurricane Season Approaches

By morganlawgroup |

Although the official start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season does not begin until June 1, 2020, Floridians are being sharply reminded that a possibly more active than usual storm season is headed our way, beginning with the tropical storm that is currently forming in the Atlantic. Forecasts are calling for periods of heavy rainfall… Read More »

A Property Insurance Case Is Causing Waves

A Property Insurance Case Is Causing Waves

By morganlawgroup |

A 2004 property insurance cases against Citizens Property Insurance Corporation has caused waves this summer. The case, stemming from damage to several apartment buildings as a result of Hurricane Frances, was overturned at the appellate level and remanded back to the trial court. Specifically, Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeal reversed the trial court’s… Read More »

Everything About HOA & Condo Association Insurance Claims

Everything You Need to Know About HOA and Condo Association Insurance Claims

By morganlawgroup |

As a manager for a homeowners or condo owners association, it is important that you understand the language and details of the complex insurance policies designed to protect the building and the association. It’s easier – and cheaper – for insurance companies to avoid payment than it is to write a check for damages…. Read More »


President Trump Takes Aim at Insurance Companies for Failing to Honor Business Interruption Coverage

By morganlawgroup |

During an April 10, 2020 White House briefing, President Trump expressed his support for insurance companies to make payments for business interruption under policies, especially for the restaurant industry, taking aim at insurance companies that are denying payments while the State of Florida is under a stay-at-home order caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump… Read More »

COVID-19 Business Interruption and Loss Lawyers Florida

COVID-19 Business Interruption and Loss in Florida

By morganlawgroup |

Beginning April 2, 2020, Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, implemented a 30-day, state-wide stay at home order to counter the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. With business closures ordered throughout the state, including restaurants and other service industry staples, owners and operators are facing more than employee layoffs — they are fighting for their… Read More »

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