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insurance-attorneyAt The Morgan Law Group, P.A., our insurance claims attorneys in Florida work directly for you — the policyholder. Our dedicated lawyers have spent more than 40 combined years pursuing financial solutions for Floridians who have been met with resistance from their insurance companies after filing a necessary personal injury or damage claim on their home, business, or property.

Our insurance claims lawyers in Miami, Florida represent clients in a broad range of civil litigation matters with a strong focus on insurance claims, which allows us to effectively pursue the insurance company on your behalf, so you get the financial recovery you deserve for your damages.

At the Morgan Law Group, P.A., you will have access to over four decades of combined legal experience that allows you pursue the compensation you actually deserve from your insurance company not the reduced figure they have proposed. Your home, office, or property damages or replacement costs should not be paid out of your pocket. Isn’t that what insurance coverage is for? We think so, and our insurance claims attorneys will prove it.

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