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Skilled Insurance Claims Attorneys in Covington, Louisiana

The Morgan Law Group, P.A. insurance claims attorneys in Covington represent clients throughout Louisiana who are facing resistance from their insurance companies after their homes, condos, businesses, or other properties have been damaged by a covered event.

While the city covers just over eight square miles in St. Tammany Parish, and is home to nearly 11,500 residents, does not mean they should be treated any differently than those who have suffered damages in much larger cities throughout Louisiana.

We understand that the Bayou State is home to multiple weather threats each year, including hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, and storm damage, to name a few. This, combined with other damages — like theft, fires, and flooding — can leave home, condo, and business owners fighting with their insurance companies for months while their properties remain damaged.

Our experienced insurance claims lawyers in Covington partner with clients throughout Louisiana to effectively pursue the insurance company on their behalf, so they have the legal resources they need to recover the financial support their policy should have provided without our intervention.

If you are experiencing payment delays, undervalued estimates, or an outright denial from your insurance company, contact our skilled insurance claims attorneys in Covington today to discuss your policy and claim during a free consultation.

The Morgan Law Group, P.A. Louisiana Insurance Claims Attorney Practice Areas

At The Morgan Law Group, P.A., our Covington insurance claims lawyers believe local home, business, and property owners throughout Louisiana deserve to have an advocate fighting for their rights when filing a claim with the insurance company.

Our insurance claims attorneys in Covington, Louisiana provide skilled legal resources for clients in the following practice areas:

When Louisiana residents and/or business owners are met with payment delays, partial financial recovery alternatives, and outright denials from their insurance companies, our insurance claims attorneys in Covington are here to help.

You should not have to fight for the financial recovery your insurance policy and coverage promises nor accept a lesser recovery than your damage is worth. Our aggressive insurance claims lawyers will not take no for an answer as we diligently pursue the outcome you deserve.

If we do not deliver a positive outcome for your insurance claim, you do not pay our legal fees.

What Should I Do When I Need to File an Insurance Claim in Covington, Louisiana?

If your home, condo, business, or another property has sustained damage, document the damage as soon as it is safe to do so. Take pictures and/or video of the damage and do any repairs that will keep further damage from occurring. Insurance companies typically do not cover damages that could have been mitigated.

For instance, if your roof has a hole in it, from storm damage, fire, or another disaster, take pictures of the damage and cover the whole as soon as possible, so further damage does not occur.

Once you have all the documentation you need to pursue a claim, contact our skilled insurance claims attorneys in Covington to review your insurance policy – so you know exactly what is covered – and partner with our experienced law firm to ensure your claim is taken seriously the first time by the insurance company. They are much more likely to give you the runaround than they are our dedicated and experienced insurance claims attorneys. We are more than just lawyers; we are advocates who pursue the best outcome for each of our client’s unique recovery needs.

What If I Already Started the Claim Process, and the Insurance Company Has Made a Settlement Offer?

Before you accept an insurance settlement offer, contact our skilled insurance claims attorneys in Covington, Louisiana. We will ensure your damages are properly assessed, reported on your claim, and taken seriously by the insurance company, so you can maximize your recovery. You do not have to compromise with the insurance company. We can help pursue the outcome you are entitled to from the coverage you pay for.

What Should I Say When the Insurance Company Offers a Less Than Adequate Settlement?

Insurance companies will send an adjuster to your home, business, or other property that sustained damage to assess your overall compensation needs to repair or replace the damage that occurred.

Often, they will send a breakdown of that assessment and a check reflecting their findings. You do not have to take their word for what your damage is worth. You also do not have to listen to the adjuster tell you why certain damage is not covered under your policy.

When you partner with The Morgan Law Group, P.A., our Covington insurance claims lawyers will route all insurance company communications through our office, so you do not have to worry about saying anything to your adjuster.

We will evaluate your damage using a third-party public adjuster – who does not work for the insurance company – so you receive an honest valuation of your damages.

We work for you, the Policyholder. Get the settlement you deserve by calling our Louisiana office today at (504) 399-6595 or contacting us online.

Our Covington, Louisiana insurance claims attorneys work on a no recovery, no fee basis, so you pay no upfront costs for our services — and no costs at all if we do not produce a positive outcome for your unique case.

Contact The Morgan Law Group, P.A. in Insurance Claims Attorneys in Covington, LA

Our lawyers at The Morgan Law Group, P.A. protect Louisiana policyholders because we know how important your home, business, or other property is to you.

If you need to file a claim, have already filed a claim, or have had your claim denied, contact our experienced insurance claims attorneys in Covington, LA at The Morgan Law Group, P.A. to schedule a free consultation with one of our dedicated professionals today by calling (504) 399-6595 or contact us online.

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