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Insurance Claims Lawyers in Pensacola, Florida

At The Morgan Law Group, P.A., our Pensacola insurance claims attorneys bring over four decades of combined experience to each of our Florida client’s cases, so they know they are receiving real-time solutions for some of their most pressing needs.

Each Florida insurance claims attorney at The Morgan Law Group provides personalized service that creates customized results for each of our clients, as we understand, no two insurance claims — or responses from the insurance company — are the same.

We are lawyers for insurance claims representing home, condo, or business owners in Pensacola, Florida who are receiving resistance from their insurance coverage in the form of delays, undervalued claims, and even denials.

If your property has suffered damage in any capacity, for any reason outlined in your insurance coverage, contact our Pensacola insurance claims lawyers today to learn how we can help you present your case to the insurance company to produce results.

Morgan Law Group Pensacola Insurance Claims Attorney Practice Areas

Over 52,000 people live in Pensacola, and each deserves the resources necessary to locate insurance lawyers in my area.

At The Morgan Law Group, our Pensacola insurance claims attorneys represent clients throughout the state of Florida and have specifically opened an office in Pensacola, the westernmost city in the Florida Panhandle, and the county seat of Escambia County, to provide solutions for our community that was hit so hard by Hurricane Michael.

We understand the devastation that comes along with a category five hurricane colliding with our city, and after learning of the over 20,000 insurance claims that remained unpaid one year after the destructive hurricane made landfall, we knew we had to provide direct access to our community’s home, condo, and business owners – so they could hold their insurance company responsible for the coverage outlined in their policies with the help of a Pensacola insurance claims lawyer.

Our Pensacola insurance claims attorneys specialize in cases that include:

Contact our insurance lawyers in Pensacola today to schedule a free consultation where we will review your coverage and provide the insight you need to face your insurance with confidence and pursue the financial recovery you need to get your property back on track without further delay.

Pensacola Insurance Claims Lawyers for Homeowners

If you own a home, condo, or another property, you understand just how vulnerable it is to damage.

Whether it is caused by Mother Nature, human error, or negligence, anything that can go wrong may go wrong without notice.

That is why each Pensacola insurance claims attorney at The Morgan Law Group assessing each of our client’s needs based on their unique damage and coverage.

The most common types of claims each insurance dispute attorney in our group represent include, but is not limited to:

  • Wind & Hail Damage

Wind and hail account for more than one-third of all homeowners’ insurance claims, and although they are not technically the most expensive claims homeowners file, they can lead to significant problems – and additional insurance claims – if they are not fixed properly.

  • Fire and Lightning Damage

Fire and lighting damage claims are some of the most expensive, as the damage caused by these two dangers often leads to complete destruction. The average fire claim in the U.S. is near $80,000, and our Pensacola insurance claims attorneys will ensure each loss that occurred during a fire to your home, condo, or business is fully recovered.

  • Water Damage

Water damage is a common insurance claim because it can result from nearly any occurrence.

Broken pipes do not wait for you to be home to explode, which means the damage can be severe when you realize it has occurred.

Likewise, appliances can leak, storms can creep through structures, and even a neighbor’s inadvertently running faucet can cause your home or condo to fall victim to the third most common type of homeowners’ claim in the country.

  • Non-Theft Property Damage

Like water damage, property damage claims that are not the result of theft can happen to anyone.

Falling trees, maintenance workers backing into your garage, or even a neighbor smashing a window with an errant baseball throw can all require repair and replacement that is thousands of dollars.

  • Theft

Believe it or not, no matter how careful you are, things can be stolen from your home or property. This is especially true if you have valuables stored outside of a safe, like artwork or jewelry.

  • Liability Claims

While they do not occur often – which is something to be thankful for – liability claims are one of the most expensive types of insurance claims filed in the U.S. They are the result of harm coming to another’s person or property while they are in your home. That could mean breaking an arm by tripping over a broken step or having their car crashed into by your teenager.

The average liability claim is just under $27,000, which will be an expense you will want to pass along to the insurance company.

In fact, any damage that outweighs your deductible may be worth pursuing in a claim, which is why it is so frustrating to receive delays or undervalued responses from your insurance company, let alone an outright denial.

If you have suffered damage to any of your property, and you believe it is covered by your insurance policy, but are receiving resistance from your provider, contact a Pensacola insurance claims lawyer at The Morgan Law Group today to learn more about your recovery options.

Hurricane Insurance Claims Attorneys in Pensacola, Florida

It seems that with each year that goes by, more named storms and hurricanes are affecting Florida than previously on record.

As a panhandle city, we may see fewer hurricanes than our Florida peninsula counterparts, but we also know it only takes one devastating storm to take everything we own, as Hurricane Michael did in 2018.

Although all hurricanes can impact homes, condos, businesses, and communities in different ways, they all share some of the same characteristics that can cause significant harm.

They may include:

  • High-Speed Projectiles

The strong winds associated with hurricanes can turn any object – even rooted trees, furniture, and other debris – into dangerous, high-speed projectiles that can smash through your home from any angle.

The wind itself, too, can cause significant damage on its own.

  • Storm Surges

Hurricane winds can cause sea levels to rapidly rise as the dangerous storm makes landfall, and anything in its path can be destroyed.

  • Flooding

Hurricanes are notoriously accompanied by long periods of rain, which often occur before, during, and after the hurricane threat. With hurricane floods reaching depths measured by feet, not inches.

This type of flooding can damage homes, lower levels of buildings, vehicles, and all the property in between.

  • Tornadoes

Hurricane wind speeds can easily create several smaller tornado paths, that increase the possibility of localized damage occurring in neighborhoods throughout Pensacola. These unsettling and unpredictable wind funnels can destroy one home while leaving the one next to it untouched, which is why it is important to lean on your insurance coverage when your property was randomly selected by these devastating occurrences.

At The Morgan Law Group, our Pensacola insurance claims attorneys will help you fight for the compensation outlined in your coverage, even if your claim has already been denied by the insurance company.

Contact our experienced insurance claims lawyers in Pensacola today to find out what you are entitled to, so we can help you go get it.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims Lawyers in Pensacola, Florida

Bad faith insurance refers to the behavior of insurance company representatives that use tactics to avoid their contractual obligations to their policyholders.

Simply put, that means your insurer’s attempt to avoid the obligations outlined in your coverage can be pursued by our Pensacola insurance claims attorneys when your claim is:

  • Not investigated properly, promptly, or is outright refused
  • Prolonged unnecessarily before reaching a settlement
  • Intentionally misrepresented in the terms of your coverage
  • Knowingly offered at less than what your policy covers
  • Denied outright without a valid explanation

You do not have to take no for an answer from your insurance company, especially when they have reneged on their duties and the coverage specifically outlined in your agreement with them.

Our Pensacola Economy Deserves Dedicated Insurance Claims Lawyers in Pensacola

Pensacola, Florida’s connection to the military is unique.

Pensacola is home to the:

Other large companies that call Pensacola home include:

No matter where you work or live in Florida, you deserve to be treated with respect, timely and fair responses from your insurance company after your home, condo, business, or property has sustained any type of damage that requires you to file a claim.

If you are receiving any type of resistance from your coverage terms, contact our Pensacola insurance claims lawyers at The Morgan Law Group today at 888-904-2524 to schedule a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pensacola Insurance Claims Lawyers

Should I Hire a Public Adjuster or Let the Insurance Adjuster Assess My Damage?

At The Morgan Law Group, we caution our clients from letting the insurance adjuster be the only one who assesses their damage. Why? The insurance adjuster works directly for the insurance company, which means they are making an assessment based on what is best for their employer – not the policyholder. A public adjuster will provide a non-biased, third-party assessment, so you can pursue financial recovery for the actual damage.

What Happens When My Insurance Company Says the Damage Is Not Covered in Under My Policy?

Our clients have home, condo, or business insurance because they are responsible people who want to rely on their coverage to fix any damage that occurs during their ownership. When policyholders reach out to their insurance companies to file a claim, only to be told their policy does not cover the damage, our Pensacola insurance claims attorneys are here to take a second look. Insurance companies are notorious for twisting the technical language in their policies to benefit them. That means they can manipulate coverage to read as if it actually is not covered. While most policyholders take them at their word, we know better. We will read your policy in full and outline exactly what it covers while holding the insurance company responsible for the damages that fall within your policy.

Why Is My Insurance Claim Taking So Long to Cover?

All insurance claims are different, and so is the damage they outline. When something catastrophic happens inside a community, like a fire that ravages hundreds of homes, or a hurricane that disrupts thousands of lives, the insurance company may have a just reason for taking longer to assess your claim. However, if you have a kitchen fire, or if your home was damaged by lightning, you should receive a response quickly and effectively. If not, talk to one of our Pensacola insurance claims lawyers about the delay, so we can determine whether your insurance company is acting in bad faith.

Why Would the Insurance Company Deny My Claim?

We understand that insurance coverage is supposed to be there to help cover damages that occur – anytime and anywhere. However, insurance claim denials happen more often than you might think. Insurance companies can claim that your coverage does not include the damage that occurred, like flooding, mold, or hurricanes. They can also insist that you have not provided enough documentation to move forward with the claim. In short, insurance companies can say anything they want to delay, undervalue, or deny your claim and protect their bottom line, and they often get away from it. We can help pursue an insurance claim on your behalf, even if you have already received a denial letter from your insurance provider.

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